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you can find these items in our webshop

Light-Cut Retouchin Pens

for extra fine art work retouching on films

available with  black or red ink

tip diameters 0,03 / 0,05 / 0,1 / 0,5 / 0,7 mm


Stouffer Step Wedges                               è to top

A Stouffer 21-step wedge (T2115) is the most common technique for establishing the correct exposure time. Place the step wedge between the master and the unexposed sheet of diazo so it is under a clear portion of the master. The emulsion side of the step wedge must have contact with the emulsion side of the diazo film. Adjust the exposure for "a clear step 2, haze on step 3" which means the second step should vanish with just a hint of the third step still visible. An exposure of step 3 or even 4 may be used to clean out slight imperfections in the original artwork

We offer the complete range of Stouffer step wedges

For photographic applications:
Stouffer Reflection Step Tables:R1215, R1415, R2110, R3705, R550, colour corrected R2110CLC,
Transmission Step Tables: TP35-21, TP120-21, TP4*5-21, TP120-31, TP4*5-31, TP4*5-41

For all common applications:
Transmission Step Wedges: T1015, T2115, T3110, T4105, T4110, T5100

All step wedges are available as standard or calibrated version

Temperature-Strips                                    è to top

Make sure your developer unit is operating at the suggested development temperature (approx. 150 °F resp. 65 °C). Too much heat can cause the film to stick and become dimensionally stretched. On the other hand, a developer that is too cold can cause incomplete development and low blocking density. Use temperature strips fastened to the emulsion side of the diazo film to check that the temperature is in the recommended range

Hydrometer / NH3-Tester / Baume-Meter

Use fresh ammonia in the 22 to 24 ° Baumé range. Aqueous ammonia can loose strength as it sits in a polypropylene container/bottle. Use a hydrometer (such as NH3-Tester, ASMETEC-Code100783) if you wish to check concentration

In low concentrations ammonia is a harmless substance. Humans can detect levels as low as 5 to 10 ppm. This sensitivity means that individuals retreat from levels higher than 20 ppm. Ammonia concentrations higher than 50 ppm are the lower limit for health concerns. Most diazo developers have provision for venting. A vented processor, with reasonable room air flow, should not be a source of objectionable odours.

Scale Loupes                                              è to top

we offer a wide range of PEAK Loupes, measuring loupes and microscopes as well as some special loupes used in the optical- and printing industry.
An overview of our sales program for such items you will find on page OPTICAL






Mylar-Folie MYF-915


Embossed Mylar-Foil, 100 µm thick, clear, high tear resistance, as roll 915 mm or sheet cut to size.

Ideal as vacuum drawdown foil in exposing units




IIm Lieferprogramm von ASMETEC GmbH: Bohrdecklagen (aus Aluminium, Phenol, Melamin, Verbundstoffen), Bohrunterlagen, (HDF-roh,  melaminbeschichtet, lackiert), Micro-Bohrdecklagen, Fräsunterlagen, Fräsdecklagen aus Hartpaper, Phenol, Melamin, Bohrer und Fräser, Schutzfilme, Diazofilme, Plotterfilme, Mylarfolien, UV-Brenner, UV-Filterfolien, UV-Filterröhren, FR4, Basismaterialien, UV-Filter, Reinraumtechnik, Reinraumprodukte, Reinraumkleidung, Reinraum-Wischtücher, Reinraum-Papiere, ESD-Kleidung, ESD-Produkte, Handschuhe, Schutzhauben, Overalls, T-Shirts, Fingerlinge, Klebematten, Dust-Removal, Dust-Transfer, Panelcleaner, Kontaktreinigung (wie Teknek, SDI, KSM, Microclean), sticky mats, Handroller,  Klebepads, Klebepapier, Adhäsivrollen, Kleberollen, Bodenmatten, Klebematten, Kapton-Band, Mylar-Folie, Klebebänder, Schutzfolien, Trennfolien, Presspolster, Mikroskope, PEAK Lupen, Klapplupen, Fadenzähler, Juwelierlupen, Leuchtlupen, Lupenleuchten,Video Messtechnik, Endoskop-Kameras, USB-Kameras,  Luftwäscher, Luftfilter, Luftreiniger, Bohrspindeln, Wartung und Reparatur von Spindeln, Spannzangen, Metric, CEM, Laminate, AcuGage Messtechnik, Messgeräte, Kupferdicken-Prüfer,

Drilling materials, drilling entry boards, drilling back-up boards, melamine, phenolic, laminates, micro entry boards, aluminium heat sink, drills, routers, routing, protection films, diazo film, plotter film, mylar foils, uv-filter sleeves, uv-filter foils, uv-lamps, FR4 laminates, clean room items, gloves, contact cleaning, tacky pads, sticky pads, adhesive rolls and pads, floor mats, covers, release film, kapton tapes, mylar tapes, press pad, copper thickness teser, drilling spindle repair, collets, CCL, video metrology, usb microscopes, PEAK loupes, lamp magnifiers, foldable loupes, air purifiers, air cleaner, air scrubber, air washer, Airscrub, BGA inspection, endoscope cameras


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