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Scale Loupes

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Scale loupes come with integrated scales, some also with illumination. The scale steps vary with the type of loupe and magnification.

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PEAK Scale loupe 1983         Set 2004 with 5 scales                      1983 with illumination set 2028



Peak Scale Loupe 1983 has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring. It is the most sold scale loupe for a wide range of applications.


Magnification:               10x

Field of view:                 32 mm

Scale length:                30 mm

Scale:                          0,1 mm

Lens:                           glass


Replacement reticle scales No. 0 to 12 are available with black and white copy


also available as Set 2004: PEAK 1983 with scales 2, 3, 7, 8 and 10

Illumination set 2028 for PEAK 1983



PEAK Scale loupe 1975               Set 1976 with 5 scales




PEAK 1975 is a typical measurement of simplicity, accuracy and low-price.
It has excellent achromatic lenses (3 elements, 2 groups) and a photo-printed precise scale.
It also has a focusing ring and 7 power magnification and offers distortion free magnification
As all sorts of lens aberrations are avoided, you can easily read the object.

Magnification:               7x

Field of view:                26 mm

Scale length:                20 mm

Scale:                          0,1 mm

Lens:                           glass


Replacement reticle scales No. 0 to 12 are available with black and white copy

Illumination set 1998 available for Peak 1983


Also available as Set 1976 with scales 2, 3, 7, 8 and 10             č to top


PEAK Scale loupes 1975 / 2016 / 2055 / 2037




Scale loupes with glass lens and focussing ring


Type     Magnification  Field of view     Scale length     Scale        Lens      Illumination     

1975           7x               26 mm                20 mm             0,1 mm        glass        no   

1998-L        7x               26 mm                20 mm             0,1 mm        glass        yes   

2016          15x              20 mm                14 mm             0,1 mm        glass        no                   

2016-L       15x              20 mm                14 mm              0,1 mm        glass        yes                       

2055          20x              12 mm                 8 mm              0,1 mm        glass        no                   

2055-L       20x              12 mm                 8 mm              0,1 mm        glass        yes                       

2037          30x                7 mm                5 mm               0,05 mm      glass        no                   

2037-L       30x                7 mm                5 mm               0,05 mm      glass        yes  




These loupes are also available with illumination (Type "-L")




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PEAK 1990-4 and 1990-7 Anastigmatic-loupe, microfiche loupe



The PEAK 1990-4 Loupe with 4X magnifying power is specially designed to enable observers to simultaneously inspect the whole picture area of the standard micro-film size (i.e. 32mm x 45mm)or flat objects less than 58mm in diameter. The image observed through the loupe is critically sharp from the center to the edge of the image field, because of the careful optical correction of the loupe for the astigmatism and the curvature of the field as well as aberrations concerning the image of the central image. Ordinary magnifiers are corrected only for the central image. In this respect, this loupe is quite similar to anastigmatic photographic lenses, and is manufactured with the same care and precision.

One point which distinguishes this loupe from photo-lenses is that the position of the effective pupil of the loupe has been placed as far as 25mm above the upper pole of the loupe; so that an observer can inspect the whole image field by merely moving his eyeball, without moving his face. This is an extremely advantageous feature for a micro-filmer, because it enables him to inspect a number of negatives very speedily and comfortably.

The Peak 1990-7 Loupe with 7X has taken over the optical system of Peak Anastigmatic Loupe 4X, improving the magnifying power as high as 7 times. You can use Anastigmatic Loupe 4X to check the whole picture area of film. In case only a part of the object is to be inspected with a higher magnifying power, Peak Anastigmatic Loupe 7X is the best for the job.

A cross hair reticle metric scale is provided to these loupes


                                    1990-4                       1990-7

Magnification:                   4x                              7x

Field of view:                    60 mm                        40 mm

Scale length:                    60 mm                        40 mm

Scale:                              0,1 mm

Lens:                           glass, colour corrected                             č to top




PEAK Zoom loupe 816  / 2044-LH 



The Zoom Loupe 816 is an epochal product to permit the stepless change of magnification for zooming operation.
Composed of 8 lenses in 6 groups for zooming from 8x to 16x, the optical system of this loupe keeps sufficient brightness in each stage of magnification with the least optical aberration.

The black body, finished with aluminium precision machining similar to camera lenses, allows smooth zooming in and zooming out. The click stop helps selection of desired magnification from 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x, and 16x shown in a small window.

Before starting observation, move the adjustment ring at the bottom of the lens body to select the optimum magnification in accordance with the purpose of inspection. After this selection is completed, finally regulate the adjustment ring around the eyepiece so that the mounted scale will be visible clearly. The zooming mechanism changes magnification to allow for continuous observation.
This loupe can be fitted with illumination set 2044-LH                   č to top

PEAK Telecentric loupe 1999

This is a special purpose loupe with a magnifying power of 7 times. It belongs to that category of scale-loupes with and affixed transparent glass scale, which can be placed in contact with the object under examination, so that you can measure the length of the object very easily and accurately with an error of less than 0.03 mm. However, the magnifying optical system of this loupe is not conventional, but is “telecentric”, i.e. characterized by a small opening fixed at the focal point of the lens system, through which you can measure the length and width of not only flat objects, but also three-dimensional ones such as small spheres, cylinders, etc., without the error caused by parallax. This handy instrument is equivalent in its principle to expensive profile projectors. The lens system, composed of three elements in two groups, has been specially designed for the present purpose

Magnification:                 7x

Field of view:                  24 mm

Scale length:                  20 mm

Scale:                            0,1 mm                                                 č to top


PEAK 1972-50 / 1972-100 / 1972-200 / 1972-300

                                                     č to top

1972-50:    Scale length 50mm,  Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 70mm

1972-100:  Scale length 100mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 140mm

1972-200:  Scale length 200mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 220mm
1972-300:  Scale length 300mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 330mm 




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