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Product Summary    Dust-Removal-Systems

We offer METOCLEAN contact cleaning machines in special versions of  Yieldmax and Techline
All sheet- and web cleaners can be adapted to customer's requirements                      



Value priced panel cleaner for in-line installation to existing lines or to built your own stand-alone unit
Excellent cleaning performance of surfaces via 2 elastomer rollers of 49 mm diameter (available in different hardnesses)
Collects all unattached particles in size down to 0,5 m and transfers them to the CTR adhesive rolls

YM-NWDS can be equipped with conveyors, adjustable stands, antistatic bars and many more.

Also availabe as single side cleaner YM-NWSS

Working widths from 300 mm to 1500 mm                 


Based on YM-NWDS this cleaner YM-RSC offers additional conveyors, antistatic bars at entry and exit, auto-reverse controller, adjustable stand and makes it a perfect stand-alone unit.

This sheet cleaner is also available in a wide range of variations, such as single side cleaning, single side conveyor, working widths from 300 to 1500 mm.

Sliders allow easy access to the adhesive CTR-rolls (contamination trap rolls)








These panel- and web cleaning machines made by Techline come as METOCLEAN-version incl. options you hardly find elsewhere. THE METOCLEAN TL-FSC-750 series is CE approved by TV-Sd, Munich. (No. M8 0711 60850 005)

The TL-FSC-Cleaners are very robust cleaning machines with a wide range of options to perfectly clean any kind of print plate, printed circuit board, films, foils, inner layers, glass plates, flat panels and many more.




METOCLEAN TL-FSC Panelcleaners are avilable in stainless steel housing or powder coated with any RAL colour to fit to existing lines at customer's site. Working widths 650 , 850 and 1300 mm are available within 3 weeks.


Especially to clean problematic materials like flexible pcb, polyimid, thin films the TL-FSC-Series is equipped with a special anti-curling device.

Sheet counter, auto-GAP-control, Auto-Lift-Off-Function, antistatic bars, adjustable motor speed, adjustable roller-stands, multilingual operator interface, conveyors in a wide range of belts and discs and many more feature with state-of-the art cleaning machines.


Sliders allow easy access to both adhesive rolls and elastomer rubber rolls.


The cleaners can be used as stand-alone cleaning device or built in-line to existing lines.


Please ask for detailed information to all METOCLEAN panel- and web cleaners


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