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Dust-Removal Systems ( Dust-Transfer-Systems) Contact Cleaning 

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We offer METOCLEAN Dust-Removal-Systems  (Dust-Transfer-Systems) also known as contact cleaning.

All our METOCLEAN systems are technically adapted to fit together perfectly and offer professional long living cleaning in any combination of our products and devices.

Dust-Removal-Systems are used to clean surfaces from loose particles like dust, hair, debris, etc. via a special elastomer rubber roll and then transfer to a tacky adhesive pad or (if used in panel cleaners) to tacky adhesive rolls. So these systems remove and transfer dust from any flat sheet or panel to an adhesive pad or roll where the dust then is trapped.

The METOCLEAN DTS-System is based on a roller system and follows the following steps....
  •   An elastomer rubber roller runs in contact with the substrate to be cleaned.
  •   An adhesive roll then runs in contact with the elastomer roller.
  •   The contamination is transferred from the elastomer roller to the adhesive roll, where it is trapped and not re-attracted to the elastomer roller.
  •   This is possible due to the surface tension on the adhesive roll being greater than the surface energy of the elastomer roller.


The product range of METOCLEAN includes:

- Dust Cleaning Rollers (DCR) (also available in ESD-Version) , Adhesive tacky pads and holders for handrollers + pads


Adhesive, tacky rolls and elastomer- replacement rolls (also ESD) for almost all known sheet or web cleaning devices


Adhesive, tacky floormats, also antibacterial, to clean shows while walking over

Panel / Sheet Cleaners and Web cleaning machines

With the harmonised components of our METOCLEAN systems a reliable contact surface cleaning for particle sizes down to 0,5 µm can be achieved. The intense cleaning of substrates (without negative impact on surface of materials ) reduces production faults and increases yield significantly.

METOCLEAN DRS-Systems are used in many industry areas such as:

Printed Circuit Boards:      Cleaning pf PCB /PWB) (rigid, flex), inner layers, laminates base materials
                                          as important cleaning step just before coating, printing, laminating or  exposing

                                          Cleaning of films and exposing units

                                          Cleaning of flat surfaces like glass plates, work benches, press plates etc.


SMT:                                  Cleaning SMT before solder process

Foil Processing:                Cleaning of all kinds of plastic foils, holograms, credit card printing, touch panels, foil switches
                                         before laminating and printing process

Optical Industry:                Cleaning of glass plates, mirrors, lenses, flat screens

Printing Industry:              Cleaning of film artwork, print plates, press plates etc


Photo Voltaic Solar:         Cleaning of base materials, glass plates, foils before lamitation process


Flat Screens:                    Cleaning of all components before coating and laminating

Medical Packaging:          Cleaning of packing foils and flat foils before lamination process


Foil Cutting:                      Cleaning of sheets or cut to length rolls edges from loose particles for clean rolls and cutters








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