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Personal Grounding



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ESD Items

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The electronic industry has placed a growing emphasis on reliability and quality assurance.

ESD damage to parts and assemblies can be minimized by using ESD control measures.



  • Handle electrostatic discharge sensitive devices (ESDS) only in an ESD protected area (EPA)
  • Avoid electrostatic potential differences and electrostatic discharges
  • Use wrist straps, approved footwear and floor combination for personnel grounding
  • Wear properly fastened dissipative garments
  • No electrostatic generating materials (normal PE, PVC, PS, etc.) are allowed in an EPA
  • Do not expose ESDS to electrostatic fields > 100 V/cm
  • Use only approved ESD protective packaging materials
  • Awareness, personnel training, continuous monitoring are essential for maintaining a static control program

Here you can find ESD products for personal grounding

ESD-Personal grounding items

ESD-Table and floor mats



ESD-Brushes and accessories




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