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Product Summary    ESD-Items   


you can find these items in our webshop


ESD-cutters and Pliers

Asmetec supplies the complete range of TRONEX cutters and pliers


TRONEXTOOLS offers a huge variety of cutters and pliers suitable for all thinkable wire cutting / bending jobs in the area of electronics, pcb manufacturing, pcb assembling, wire harness, optical industry, jewellery making, medical industry, avionic and many more

In our webshop you can find all models of Tronex cutters and pliers  

The cutters mainly vary in shape of head and cutting edges.

the 4-digit model number is structured and eases the selection of the required tool.

The first digit names the length of handle:


5 Standard                                               7 ergonomic


The second and third digit describes the shape of head, while the 3rd digit stands for standard or relief head


1 - standard head                                         2 - relief head


the 4th digit stand for the cutting edges:

1 - Semi-Flush           2 - Flush             3 - Razor Flush


Tronex pliers offer a wide range of tips and head shapes

Download Product summary Tronex pliers

Download Product summary Tronex Cutters



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