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We supply METODIAZ Diazo films D-18 in matted (M) and glossy (G) Version. The matting of type M offers a better and faster vacuum drawdown and eases the registration on liquid solder masks. The glossy version is optimised for exposing dry resist film and has a slightly better light transition in the clear areas.

The colour of both types is a medium amber when exposed and developed (using ammonia steam developers). Upon request we can offer any other colour of diazo films.


METODIAZ D-18 diazo films are based on a 180 m thick, dimensionally very stable polyester film, coated with a super dense diazo emulsion of coaters of latest technology.

METODIAZ D-18 diazo films are manufactured especially for ASMETEC with a very dense diazo emulsion. Unlike silver halide films METODIAZ D-18 can be handled in room light for brief periods and is processed using ammonia vapours and moderate heat < 65 C. METODIAZ D-18 do absorb little heat during exposing and imaging, thus remain sizes.

METODIAZ D-18 is sensitive to UV/violet radiation (390 nm peak sensitivity). Mercury vapour lamps are typically used for exposure.

A conventional diazo developer (e.g. ASMETEC TEM 22 WP) can be used for processing

We offer our customers a free of charge UV-density check of their film samples along with further technical comments in case the film samples show some deviations

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