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Product Summary    Dust-Removal-Systems

METOCLEAN DTS floor mats (tacky mats) 

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We divide the floor mats into single use mats and reusable durable floor mats.

The durable mats seem to be very expensive - at first sight. But in the long run  these mats offer a payback within short time because of their long life time up to 4 years. They are cleaned simply with warm water and can be re-used immediately. And more: the re-usable mats can also be used in damp locations

For very robust usage there are special extra strong floormats available that stands the weight of hand forklift trucks .

Our product range of METOCLEAN tacky floormats


Adhesive floor mats, single usage

removes dust and dirt from shoe soles while walking over

The floor mats come as book of 30 layers (on request 60 layers) with numbered non-.tack corners for easy peel off.
Each box comes with 10 books of 30 mats (= 300 floor mats per box)
The adhesive power is 400 g/qsqft (others available upon request), with the last mat has 700 g/sqft at the reverse side to offer a secure fixing to the floor..

For applications in the medical and pharmaceutic areas we offer floor mats with antibacterial treatment


         Each box contains 10 books of 30 mats

         Antistatic treatment

         Easiest use, simply walk over to clean show soles

         Clean room class 1000

         Available in colour white or blue

         Also available with antibacterial treatment for usage in medical areas




Available sizes:

45 x 114 cm

66 x 114 cm


Special sizes acc. customers request are available considering a min. order quantity



durable, re-usable floor mat for wet cleaning


removes dust and dirt from shoe soles while walking over

This floor mat is made from modified PU-based elastomer, 25 shore, self tackyness
thickness about 5 mm.

Simply lay on any flat floor and walk over.
If dusty then simply clean with water
Usbale up to weight of 200 kg

         easiest usage, simply walk over, simply clean with water

         clean room class 1000

         Blue, semi translucent, elastic, tacky both sides

         Size: 66 x 114 cm, 25 shore




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