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Release Films
Antistatic Foils



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Foils and Tapes  

ASMETEC supplies release films, press pads, protection foils and tapes for various applications
e.g manufacture of laminates, rigid/flex pcb, solar flat pales, foil pads, flat screens etc.

The range of foils starts from low cost  PET-Foils, single/double sided coated to modified Duo/Triacetate and
high flexible, high temperature foils based and PVDF or PTFE.

All foils can be supplied as rolls or sheets cut to size

Release films


Release films based on PTFE, PET, Acetate and others plastics

Films for Membrane Switches

Films for membrane switches in various versions, available as rolls or cut to size

Alu-Separator Sheets                             è to top

Rigid, high density special aluminium alloy, chemically degreased for multiple use as separator sheet
available in panels cut to size, thicknesses 0,3 to 0,5 mm

Protection films                                       è to top

Protection films made of self adhesive PE film are used to protect surfaces from dust and scratches
They are used as cover for printed circuit boards, flat screens, glass plates, plastic sheets and many more., Available in various roll width and thicknesses

Antistatic-Foils                                         è to top


METOSTAT antistatic foils are based on 100 µm PE-Foil with a durable, abrasion-proof ESD-coating.
They are used to coat windows and plastic covers to reach electrostatic discharge properties. Also used as ESD packing foil  in various areas of semiconductor industry           

Antistatic Acrylic Sheets                        è to top

Electrostatic dissipative cast acrylic sheets are available clear or coloured with UV-blocking agent in panels cut to size or master sheets. The antistatic coating is durable and abrasion proof. Applications: ESD-Cover for machines with electrostatic generation parts.

The sheets with UV-Blocking are also used as window panes to protect rooms from UV-light


MYLAR-Foils                                                           è to top



Mylar-Folie MYF-915

Embossed Mylar-Foil, 100 µm thick, clear, high tear resistance, as roll 915 mm or sheet cut to size.

Ideal as vacuum drawdown foil in exposing units

Polyimid-Tapes                                                      è to top

We supply a wide range of special polyimid- high temperature tapes used in the electronic industry

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