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Thread Counters, Linen testers, Foldable Loupes 

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This page offers a range of foldable loupes and linen testers.

All thread counters come with a solid metal case, glass lens and a pouch

Thread counter FD-030

A high-quality thread counter that is perfect for marketing purposes.

It is made with a durable metal frame and a glass lens with 6x magnification and a diameter of 25 millimetres. The cut-out in the base is 25x25 millimetres. It has a millimetre scale on two sides and inch scales on the opposite sides.

Each thread counter is protected by an imitation leather pouch

We offer laser graving with your company name (all Windows fonts).

Thread counter AP-8

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The compact thread counter for fast inspection in the production line. The thread counter is of an exceptionally sturdy solid brass construction. The hinges are therefore particularly robust, and the chrome surface highly resistant to wear.
This inexpensive solution for everyday use is equipped with a double lens. The AP-8 features a measuring scale in the foot with increments in tenths of a millimetre. To accommodate poor eyesight we offer the measuring magnifiers 1975 and 1983.
The thread counter comes in a protective pouch


Precise metal frames, high-quality glass lenses and perfect surfaces ensure a long service life. In particular for the WZ3 and WA3 linen tester we offer a practically distortion-free display right into the marginal sphere. The models SA3 and SA0 are available with the alternative enlargements 9 x, 7 x and 6 x. The version WZ3 can be ordered with magnifications of 9 x, 8 x and 6 x. The base has a millimeter division. The exclusive frame of the large linen tester WA3 is fitted with a twin lens. The base frame is available in 40 x 40 or 52 x 52 millimeter sizes, and makes slide control or retouching easier.


Linen tester Series 1006


      Typ 1006-SA0                               Typ 1006-SA3                             Typ 1006-WZ3


Value priced thread counters with 6x magnification. precise metal frame, high quality glass lens


Field of view   25 x 25 mm
Scale length  25 x 25 mm, Scale steps 1 mm

Type WZ3 with twin lens for distortion free view


Linen tester Series 1209


      Typ 1209-SA0                               Typ 1209-SA3                             Typ 1209-WZ3


Value priced thread counters with 9x magnification, precise metal frame, high quality glass lens


Field of View 10 x 10 mm
Scale length  10 x 10 mm, Scale steps 1 mm

Type WZ3 with twin lens for distortion free view                        č to top


Fadenzähler 1504-WA3


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The exclusive frame of the bigger linen tester 1504-WA3 is equipped with a twin lens for distortion free view.
The base frame of 40 x 40 mm size is ideal for retouching and photographic art

Magnification 4x

Field of view  40 x 40 mm
Scale length  40 x 40 mm, Scale steps 1 mm



Linen Tester Series 3407 / 3408


      Typ 3407-SA0                               Typ 3407-SA3                             Typ 3408-WZ3


Value priced thread counters with 7x magnification, precise metal frame, high quality glass lens


Field of view 15 x 15 mm
Scale length 15 x 15 mm, Scale steps 1 mm
Type 3408-WZ3 comes with 8x magnification and twin lens        
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Linen tester 7141A


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A high quality but low priced foldable loupe with 6x magnification and scales in mm and inches.

Made of a robust aluminium frame and high quality glass lens this linen tester (also available in black) is a must to have.
It also can be used as valued give away with your company logo printed on.

Foldable loupes

Steinheil-Loupes Series 1985

The magnifier of the Steinheil type is composed of a biconvex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative meniscus lenses of flint glass cemented on both sides of the central positive component with excellent chromatic correction and a reasonably wide field of view .

These magnifiers of various magnifying powers have been long and widely used for preliminary inspection of microscopic specimens.

The Steinheil Loupe is designed as pocket able high grade, light weight magnifier. The cemented lens block is mounted on a light weight barrel made of black plastic and a sliding frame of the same material covers and protects both the lens surface from dust and mechanical damages. The frame forms a convenient handle for gripping the loupe


Type                      1985-7    1985-10    1985-14      1985-20

Magnification             7x         10x           14x            20x

Field of view              16 mm    15 mm      12 mm       7 mm             č to top




Foldable Loupe Type ESL


           Type ESL-G21                                                   Type ESL-SG-21



The colour-corrected lenses in the ESL magnifiers are used in the jewellery, precious stone and engraving industry. This is because folding magnifiers allow a greater distance from the object. They need not contact the object like measuring magnifiers, for example. The lens has a diameter of 21 millimetres and a magnification of 10x. We provide all folding magnifiers with a leather case for protection.


Magnification    10x

Glass lens        21 mm, colour corrected                                          č to top



Foldable Loupe MAG-10 and MAG-12


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The MAG magnifier is equipped with a colour-corrected, distortion-free lens. The lens system can also be focused. The advantage: with conventional magnifiers, the viewer must move his eye close to the lenses. The special optical system of the MAG magnifier remedies this situation. This magnifier is particularly suitable for register control. The lens can be folded into the durable housing for transport.


MAG-10: 10x magnification
MAG-12: 12x magnification




PEAK 2019 Casette Loupe 


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The Peak Cassette Loupe 15x has the same optical system as the popular Peak Loupe 15x but is a portable, universal type lupe housed in a smart resin cassette. The high resolution of this optical system is known for its superiority and the ABS resin cassette provides lightweight, rigid protection as well as portability. To use this loupe, place the cassette on a table, etc., and rotate the focusing ring to bring the object being observed into sharp focus. Both hands are then left completely free

Magnification:       15x

Effective aperture   19 mm

Dimensions    :      34x54x26mm

Weight:                48 g




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