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ASMETEC is a trading company of advanced, specialised materials, equipment and technologies
Our main customers are in branches of printed circuit boards, assembling, printing, photovoltaic, graphic art and metrology.

Our webshop for B2B customers offers a wide range of products 24/7:  www.asmetec-shop.de

Our web page are updated in very short periods, So please revisit us again

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Latest product highlight and special offers


New collection of ESD-garments in wide range of varieties:


Energy saving easy as can be

Our LED-Tubes of series METOLIGHT TRF are awarded as "Best of 2012"-Product of
Initiative Mittelstand. Fluorescent tube out - METOLIGHT TRF in - ready for saving 70% energy.



Technical highlights:

    BGA-Inspection systems                   MiniScope Metrology   ShoeCoverMachine    DCR-Hand rollerr                ESD-Mats


Im Lieferprogramm von ASMETEC GmbH: Bohrdecklagen (aus Aluminium, Phenol, Melamin, Verbundstoffen), Bohrunterlagen, (Holzfasertafeln, HDF-roh,  melaminbeschichtet, lackiert), Micro-Bohrdecklagen, Fräsunterlagen, Fräsdecklagen aus Hartpaper, Phenol, Melamin, Bohrer und Fräser, Bohrspindeln, Bohrspindel-Reparatur, Spannzangen, Schutzfilme, Diazofilme, Plotterfilme, Siedruck-Filme, Korrekturstifte, Stouffer-Graukeile, Mylarfolien, UV-Brenner, UV-Filterfolien, UV-Filterröhren, FR4, Basismaterialien, Reinraumtechnik, Reinraumprodukte, Reinraumkleidung, Reinraum-Wischtücher, Reinraum-Papiere, Reinraum-Kleidung, Reinraum-Papiere, ESD-Kleidung, ESD-Produkte, ESD-Personenerdung, ESD-Bürsten, Handschuhe, Schutzhauben, Overalls, T-Shirts, Fingerlinge, Klebematten, Bodenmatten, Dust-Removal, Dust-Transfer, DCR-Roller, DCR-Pads, Panelcleaner, Webreiniger, Bahnreiniger, Kontaktoberflächenreinigung , sticky mats, Handroller,  Klebepads, Klebepapier, Adhäsivrollen, Kleberollen, Klebematten, Kapton-Band, Mylar-Folie, Klebebänder, Schutzfolien, Trennfolien, Antistatikfolien, Trennbleche, Presspolster, PVA-Schwammrollen, PU-Schwammrollen, Mikroskope, PEAK Lupen, Klapplupen, Fadenzähler, Juwelierlupen, Leuchtlupen, Lupenleuchten, Video-Mikroskope, Video Messtechnik, Endoskop-Kameras, BGA-Inspektion, Endoskop-Reparaturen, Video-Endoskope, USB-Kameras, Luftwäscher, Luftfilter, Luftreiniger, Überschuh-Maschinen, shoe cover machines,  Metric, CEM, Laminate, AcuGage Messtechnik, Messgeräte, Kupferdicken-Prüfer, Drilling materials, drilling entry boards, drilling back-up boards, melamine, phenolic, laminates, micro entry boards, aluminium heat sink, drills, routers, routing, drilling spindles, spindle repair, collets, protection films, diazo film, plotter films, screen films, mylar foils, uv-filter sleeves, uv-filter foils, uv-lamps, antistatic foils, FR4 laminates, clean room items, gloves, contact cleaning, tacky pads, sticky pads, adhesive rolls and pads, floor mats, covers, release film, kapton tapes, mylar tapes, press pads, copper thickness teser, ESD-items, personal grounding, ESD-garments, ESD table- and floormats, ESD workstations, video metrology, video microscopes, usb microscopes, PEAK loupes, lamp magnifiers, foldable loupes, air purifiers, air cleaner, air scrubber, air washer, Airscrub, BGA inspection, endoscope cameras, endoscope repairs,




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