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Product Summary    Loupes and Microscopes   Video-Microscopes


Accessories and spare parts for loupes and magnifiers

you can find these items in our webshop

Threat ring for loupe 1983                          Acrylic ring for loupe 1983              Illumination kit for scale loupes


  Replacement lamp for illumination kit                                MAG-Lite lamp for microscopes


Adaptor for MAG-Lite                     Holder for repl. lamp

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Replacement reticle scales for Peak-scale loupes

you can find these items in our webshop

Please mention the exact type of your Peak loupes when ordering replacement scales.
The scales are available in black and white copy

Scales for loupes 1983 / 2004 / 2028 / 2049 
Scales for loupes 1975 / 1976 / 1998 / 1999 / 2015

PEAK 2046 Light box

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Light Box for 2026 series Peak Hand/Microfilm viewers.

The Light Box is a new item with an auxiliary lighting source to be used where the supply of light is not sufficient when you use the Lupe 8X with Puncher & Holder or Microfilm Viewers 15X and 20X, and Hand Viewer 8X (item 2026). (Two kinds of white diffusing plastics are used for the light box). The plastics with a hole in the center is for No. 2018-SET and the one without hole is for No. 2026 series).

When you want to use the light box for No. 2018-SET, 2018 loupe, 2018-PH (Puncher and Holder)

It is very simple and easy to connect the Light Box to the Microfilm Viewers.

A small rectangular metal plate is enclosed for the purpose of the connection. Put the small metal plate with a paper cover upward horizontally just on the magnet of Light Box. Then, peel the paper cover from it and fit the Microfilm Viewer, sliding it into the inner side along the both guides, on the white diffusing plastics until it stops at the end. Press the Viewer down from above so that metal plate with adhesive on the surface will stick to the bottom of the Viewer. Now, you can use the Light Box properly. When you like to detach the Microfilm Viewer from the light box, just lift it up with light box holding in your hand.


METOCHECK Slim Light Pad A7

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Battery powered slim light box for loupes, microscopes, slide views etc
Illuminated area is 10 x 12 cm, colour corrected white daylight 5400K

This is an ideal little light table for your desk top or on the road to be used as background illumination when inspection slides, photos, microfilm etc. but also in use when inspecting drilled holes on printed circuit boards esp. in use with our METOCHECK MiniScope USB-Microscope.

Aside the battery operation it can be connected to an optional 9V power adaptor

The slim light pad is also available in bigger sizes.


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