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Product Summary


This page offers products for digital and precision metrolgy items and copper thickness tester

METOCHECK SM-6000 - Copper thickness tester

Quick and easy check for copper thickness on CCL of any kind or thickness. SM-6000 simply need a full copper surface of about 6 x 10 cm to detect the thicklness just by pressing onto the CCL. If offers a 4 LED-display to show the thickness and auto on/off switch

Data range: 18 / 36 / 71 / 107 m

          Instantly and precisely measures copper foil thickness on any laminate

          Never needs calibration

          Works on any laminate regardless of core thickness

          Pocket-Size: 11 x 6 x 3 cm only 150 gr weight

          Operates from one 9V alkaline battery

          Switches off automatically when not in use

          High intensity LED display is large and easy to read


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Light measures


Asmetec owns a light measure lab including 3 integrating spheres, 1 goniophotometer, 10 m black room, EMC-test, switch cylce test, own work bench

Of course we do offer measure services to you.




handheld spectrometers


We offer handheld spectrometers in various versions of different brands.




UV-Messgert METOCHECK UV2540 - Made in Germany

Prfen Sie, ob Ihre Arbeitsbeleuchtung noch UV-Frei ist - ein MUSS fr jedes Archiv, Museum, Labor




Glass scales with loupes

The Peak Glass Scale consists of a transparent glass plate, which has graduations marked by means of photo-printing. This scale provides accurate readings since it does not screen an object to be measured from the eyes of the user. The glass plate has a function to resist changes because of temperature changes.

The 50, 100, 200, 300 are supplied with a 15x, #1962 loupe


PEAK 1972-50 / 1972-100 / 1972-200 / 1972-300

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1972-50:    Scale length 50mm,  Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 70mm

1972-100:  Scale length 100mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 140mm

1972-200:  Scale length 200mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 220mm
1972-300:  Scale length 300mm, Min. Scale Divisions 0.1 mm, Size 3mm x 25mm x 330mm 


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