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Photo Tools

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Our product range of photo tools includes:

- UV-lamps
- UV-Filter-foils and UV-Filter sleeves
- Protection foils and -sleeves
- Diazo films, plotter films
- Accessories such as retouching pens, Stouffer step wedges, Baume-Tester, Densitometers, Mylar Vacuum drawdown foils etc.

The choice of the photo tools and the conditions of work approximately around the photo processes
have crucial influence on all following image-forming processes.

Regardless the systems installed in any case you should pay attention that not even smallest dust particle,
hair, material abrasion etc. contaminate the surface of films, glass plates, exposing / developing equipment.

In any case it is absolutely necessary to wear clean room gloves in all image processing areas.

It is strongly recommended to have tacky floor mats at each entry door to prevent dust penetration to the image processing areas. Wearing shoe covers and clean room caps should be understood


A clean area in the usual sense may be for many companies exaggerated, into most case priceless.
It is possible nevertheless to make with simple and inexpensive means, the image-forming processes clearly safer.
For this above all carrying suitable clothes (shoe and hair covers, gloves, overalls) counts,
in addition, the use of dust transfer systems (Adhesive pads, hand rollers, floor mats, film and panel cleaner)

With the METOCLEAN CLAIR AirScrub devices you can turn a regular working room  into a clean room in the hand turning.
These air washers filter even smallest particles up to a size of 0,3 µm to 99.5% from the room air.
Also with already installed HEPA filter systems these professional airscubbers provide for extra safety,
because the firmly installed system hardly are maintained because too pedantic and in particular too expensive


Im Lieferprogramm von ASMETEC GmbH: Bohrdecklagen (aus Aluminium, Phenol, Melamin, Verbundstoffen), Bohrunterlagen, (HDF-roh,  melaminbeschichtet, lackiert), Micro-Bohrdecklagen, Fräsunterlagen, Fräsdecklagen aus Hartpaper, Phenol, Melamin, Bohrer und Fräser, Schutzfilme, Diazofilme, Plotterfilme, Mylarfolien, UV-Brenner, UV-Filterfolien, UV-Filterröhren, FR4, Basismaterialien, UV-Filter, Reinraumtechnik, Reinraumprodukte, Reinraumkleidung, Reinraum-Wischtücher, Reinraum-Papiere, ESD-Kleidung, ESD-Produkte, Handschuhe, Schutzhauben, Overalls, T-Shirts, Fingerlinge, Klebematten, Dust-Removal, Dust-Transfer, Panelcleaner, Kontaktreinigung (wie Teknek, SDI, KSM, Microclean), sticky mats, Handroller,  Klebepads, Klebepapier, Adhäsivrollen, Kleberollen, Bodenmatten, Klebematten, Kapton-Band, Mylar-Folie, Klebebänder, Schutzfolien, Trennfolien, Presspolster, Mikroskope, PEAK Lupen, Klapplupen, Fadenzähler, Juwelierlupen, Leuchtlupen, Lupenleuchten,Video Messtechnik, Endoskop-Kameras, USB-Kameras,  Luftwäscher, Luftfilter, Luftreiniger, Bohrspindeln, Wartung und Reparatur von Spindeln, Spannzangen, Metric, CEM, Laminate, AcuGage Messtechnik, Messgeräte, Kupferdicken-Prüfer,

Drilling materials, drilling entry boards, drilling back-up boards, melamine, phenolic, laminates, micro entry boards, aluminium heat sink, drills, routers, routing, protection films, diazo film, plotter film, mylar foils, uv-filter sleeves, uv-filter foils, uv-lamps, FR4 laminates, clean room items, gloves, contact cleaning, tacky pads, sticky pads, adhesive rolls and pads, floor mats, covers, release film, kapton tapes, mylar tapes, press pad, copper thickness teser, drilling spindle repair, collets, CCL, video metrology, usb microscopes, PEAK loupes, lamp magnifiers, foldable loupes, air purifiers, air cleaner, air scrubber, air washer, Airscrub, BGA inspection, endoscope cameras


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