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Product Summary    Foils and Tapes


Release films


PTFE-Release film

PTFE Film is made from PTFE resin and prepared by compression molding, skiving and calendering.
It conforms to the professional standard QB/T 3627-99.
It has properties of excellent properties of high strength, insulation and anti-adhesion etc.
It can be used at the temperature range of -200C to 260C.
It can be used as an insulation layer for cable ,conductors and electric instruments and sealing.
It's also adaptable to anti-adhesive tape, sealing tape and heat insulation material.
Stereospecific, Semistereospecific, non-stereospecific, and color films are available.

Thickness from 0.008 to 0.5mm
Roll width 6 to 500 mm
Roll length 50 to 800 m


40 m thick, grey, translucent, width smooth and semi matted surface
Suitable for temperatures up to 185C, free of silicone, roll width up to 1295 mm




PET-release film, available in thicknesses from 25 to 125 m, clear, single/double sided silicone coated
Roll widht 660, 1320 mm, others on request, suitable for temperatures up to 190C, high tensile strength



The ideal release film for pcb production, 25 m thick, tear-resistant,
suitable for temperatures up to 200C, antistatic, roll width max. 1300 mm



This high temperature, super flex release film is the ideal tool for rigid/flex pcb lamination, elongation up to 180%.
Suitable for temperatures up to 210C

Alu-Separator Sheets

Rigid, high density special aluminium alloy, chemically degreased for multiple use as separator sheet
available in panels cut to size, thicknesses 0,3 to 0,5 mm



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