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Special loupes for various applications

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PEAK Head Loupe 2035-II  


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The Peak Head Loupe is an extremely lightweight head-loupe and permits bright, wide and 3-dimensional views by two angle lenses suitable for eyes. A person wearing glasses can use this loupe with their glasses on. This loupe is easily attached/detached by a magic-tape headband, allowing users to use both their hands freely.
It can have such power variations as 2.2X, 3.3X, 4.1X, and 5.2X. Superior functions of this loupe are best suited for such operations as professional precision processing, photoengraving, photography; and this loupe also serves in hobbies of model assembling, engraving and precision drawing

Foldable loupes


Foldable Loupe Type ESL


           Type ESL-SG18                                                   Type YM-7802-UVL



The colour-corrected lenses in the ESL magnifiers are used in the jewellery, precious stone and engraving industry. This is because folding magnifiers allow a greater distance from the object. They need not contact the object like measuring magnifiers, for example. The lens has a diameter of 21 millimetres and a magnification of 10x. We provide all folding magnifiers with a leather case for protection.


Magnification    10x

Glass lens        21 mm, colour corrected                                   to top


Steinheil-Loupes Series 1985

The magnifier of the Steinheil type is composed of a biconvex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative meniscus lenses of flint glass cemented on both sides of the central positive component with excellent chromatic correction and a reasonably wide field of view .

These magnifiers of various magnifying powers have been long and widely used for preliminary inspection of microscopic specimens.

The Steinheil Loupe is designed as pocket able high grade, light weight magnifier. The cemented lens block is mounted on a light weight barrel made of black plastic and a sliding frame of the same material covers and protects both the lens surface from dust and mechanical damages. The frame forms a convenient handle for gripping the loupe


Type                      1985-7    1985-10    1985-14      1985-20

Magnification             7x         10x           14x            20x

Field of view              16 mm    15 mm      12 mm       7 mm          to top





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