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 METOCLEAN SR PVA- and PU Sponge Rolls

you can find these items in our webshop

These sponge rolls serve for squeezing and predrying of circuit boards and become turns on
the usual squeezing rolls with leather cloth used.

Depending on application these roles are used from PVA (in rinse modules) or from PU (in active modules).
They also can be used for the coating of panels and films with water-soluble additions, colors, Antistatika etc

Compared with the common rolls METOCLEAN SR sponge rolls offer these advantages:        


  • Improved drying of the drilled holes by elasticity of the surface and capillary effect
  • Substantially less spreading of the baths, subsequently:
  • Extended life time of bath solutions
  • Lower costs for replenishing
  • Lower costs for waste water treatment
  • Far better drying of the circuit boards
  • Liquid uptake 500 to 1200% of roll weight
  • No damage to the circuit board surface
  • No pressure marks on the circuit board
  • Usable in liquid temperatures to 100° degrees Celsius

Different from other artificial sponges whose pores are formed by gas processing and are mostly closed,
METOCLEAN sponge rolls offer only open cells in a porous structure.

Liquid is taken up by the surface and then transferred inside the roll to the ends.
The porosity is about 80-90 % at pore size between approx. 25 and 100 µ m (METOCLEAN SR PU)
or 60-2000 µ m (at METOCLEAN SR PVA)


Pease send us the required sizes and quantities for your wet cleaning machines. A questionnaire to determine the correct dimension you can download here

METOCLEAN SR is available with PVC-Core or without in various diameters and lengths.

By direct purchase from manufacturer our prices are considerably lower than common sales prices for such products.


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