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UV-Filter-Foils and UV-Filter-Sleeves

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UV radiation from the sun or electric lights can damage light sensitive compounds present in many products. In order to avoid material fading and deterioration, it is very important to filter out the ultraviolet light from all light sources in the work environment. ASMETEC offers a complete range of UV filter sleeves and UV-filter foils from visual clear to amber coloured, UV filtering capabilities from 400 nm up to 625nm.


Damaging, stray UV is a significant problem in work places such as UV-curing areas (coating of printed circuit boards, UV-curing resins) but also museums, libraries, archives, labs or hospitals but also in offices or stores.

To preserve sensitive and valuable materials, these environments need to control all climate aspects including temperature, humidity, and light exposure. What many facilities don’t realize is that simply blocking exterior sunlight isn’t enough. Interior lighting can produce as much, if not more, UV damage. Overhead fluorescent lamps emit significant levels of UV and can have damaging effects on light sensitive materials.


UV-Filter foils are used to block windows and glasses against UV-radiation to ensure UV-free illumination of rooms.
The filter foils are made of  pre-bleached PE-foil, durable lasting, available in different colours (= UV-blocking range) in rolls of 120 cm  width, 10 m length or as sheet cut to size.

The foils are fixed to the window panes either using our UV-resistant glass clear tape film (ASMETEC SKF-19) or fixed between the panes.


The  filter foils are available in these types:

METOLIGHT SFG-10 (gold, 520 nm), METOLIGHT LY-5 (light yellow, 420 nm), METOLIGHT C-10 (clear, 400 nm)

While the gold and light yellow foils mainly are used in so called "Yellow Rooms" in electronic manufacturing / PCB - areas or in resin curing manufacturing the glass clear version SFC-10 (or double layered as SFC-20) is mainly used in areas where a visual change of colour to the human eye is not wanted, e.g. in museums.

The glass clear foil can be used as double layer to increase UV-blocking mainly in the 400 nm range (C-20).

The direct comparison of both filter curves using SFC-10 and SFC-20 (double layer) shows a reduction of UV-transmission from 8% (SFC-10) down to 3% (SFC-20)

Please ask for more technical information if needed.






METOLIGHT UV-Filter-Sleeves

  The filter sleeves are available in diameter T5, T9 and T 12 in all lengths of common fluorescent  lamps. The polycarbonate tubes contain a uv-blocking foil inlet (see above) and are used to turn common fluorescent lamps into uv-safe lamps by blocking all UV-radiation.

In place of the common but expensive yellow fluorescent lamps you now can use cheap regular white lamps, slide over the filter sleeves and have a uv-safe illumination of your rooms. In addition the filter sleeves provide a burst protection in case a lamp should burst.

The filter sleeves in most cases offer a payback after the first change of yellow lamps because the regular white lamps are much cheaper than the special yellow lamps

For use in museums, show cases, display cabinets etc we recommend to use the clear version ASR-C-10 or UV-400 because there is no change of colours to the human eye.  For the use in laser drilling areas, plotter rooms, dark rooms there are special sleeves in various shades of red and green available, perfectly fitting to the films or inks you are using.

Download Datasheet METOLIGHT UV-Filters


The METOLIGHT UV-400 filter sleeve was developed to filter out harmful UV radiation from fluorescent tubes while still retaining good lamp colour temperature. Importantly the new UV-400 avoids interfering with the fitment of louvers and diffusors often used in conjunction with the UV-filter. The polycarbonate sleeves perfectly fit for T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps, increasing the outer diameter for less than 1,5 mm. Cut out all UV up to 400 nm, conforms to BS 5454.

We recommend these new filter sleeves (available in all common lengths of T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps) for the illumination in museums, archives, libraries, offices, work places, supermarket, food industry, medical care and everywhere UV-radiation must be filtered out of the light spectrum without impact to the colours of the exponates.

Wherever a protection of fluorescent lamps is needed without the need of UV-blocking we offer same sleeves but without UV-filters built in. These sleeves then do protect the fluorescent lamps rthat are in reach of hands in case of bursting,.

Download Datasheet METOLIGHT UV-400 


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