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Inspection Microscopes



Product Summary    Loupes and Microscopes



METOCHECK is our product group for measuring devices, loupes, microscopes and video microscopes.

On our webpage OPTICAL and its subpages we offer optical loupes, microscopes and accessories.

On this page and its subpages we offer a wide range of mobile and stationary Video-Microscopes and Measuring Software.

Among the shown standard-video-microscopes we offer our customised video microscope sets that perfectly suit the individual applications.
The video-microscopes of CV-Series (ClearVision) are Made in Germany and feature highest quality and the modular system growing with your needs,. Existing systems can be adapted to latest technology and new measuring tasks

Particularly with regard to the stationary lab microscopes we offer a wide range of accessories such as optics, stands, cross moving tables, ball tables, illuminations and many more. We also can offer stands acc. customers drawings.

For all such products of the METOCHECK series we provide professional consulting, also after buy.

We divide the video microscopes into these groups:

Mobile  Video Microscopes to inspect and measure on board

The mobile video-microscopes are perfect for use on the road, since they are light weighted, small, foldable and all you need is a modern notebook or laptop to run the system. The microscopes are powered via the USB 2.0 port with just 1 cable.


METOCHECK MiniScope-Series                            to top

The starter-kit for video metrology is the MiniScope-Series

The MiniScopes offer 40 / 140x magnification in a wide range of different microscopes with built in illumination, also with UV-and IR-LED for forensic sciences. To handle as easy as a computer mouse. The starter models comes incl. imaging software for less than 300 Euro. It can be equipped with further accessories, such as metrology software METOCHECK Mini and a range of stands colour filters, outdoor accessories and more. Don't mix this tiny but professional video microscope with specialoffers of a super market. The MiniScope is no toy but a professional, mobile video microscope.             

METOCHECK CV-OB-Microscopes                       to top

These ClearVision On-Board Video-Microscopes feature first grade quality in re4spect of manufacturing, durability and image processing. They are very compact in design, light weighted and allow measuring direct on board of printed circuits boards, rolls, mills, print plates, fabric, screens, films, foils etc. With optional angle stand and switchable LED illumination they offer even view into smallest holes of PCB to judge the hole wall. Inspection without costly cross sections. Some models can be equipped with z-axis measuring to measure deepness of blind via or print plates. All these models come along with our metrology software METOCHECK PCB

METOCHECK Lab-Video-Microscopes                to top

The Lab-Video-Microscopes feature with its variety and the detailed imaging with magnifications up to 3000x. Based on a range of stands optics, cameras and accessories these lab-microscopes are mainly assembled according customers requests and applications. A selection of fexed and zoom optics up to motorised 3-axis systems, rotation- and cross moving tables, illuminations and many more turn the systems into the perfect metrology system for your needs - Quality Made in Germany


 METOCHECK Video-Inspection microscopes


Unlike the video-microscopes that require shallow depth of field for precise measuring the inspection microscopes must offer a high focus range so the objects are displayed sharp in a varying distance to the optics. The special optics of our METOCHECK Video-Inspection Microscopes offer depth of field up to 50 mm with high resolution und crystal clear imaging.
Anti-Fatigue Quality-Check.


Retrofitting of microscopes

Microscopes with camera tube can be upgraded to a precise video metrology system with USB cameras in resolution up to 5 MPix and our metrology-software METOCHECK PCB.
It is a must to eliminate optical distortions which is easily done with our software and a special calibration scale



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