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Clean Room Wipes and Sticks

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Micro-Denier fibre wiper is made of 100% microdenier continious filament in interlock and double-knit pattern. To prevent the release of fibres and particles, all edges of the wiper are sealed by special laser technology.The clean room wiper METOCLEAN PL is extremely soft but robust, antistatic, washable and re-usable.. It is resistant in wide ranges against solvents, acids, alcohol, chemicals etc. The micro fibre structure offers a huge absorbency of more than 400 ml/sqm

·         Antistatic clean room wiper with extremely soft texture

·         Laundered by DI water and packed in class 10 clean room

·         To be used in class 100 clean room

·         Lint free, dust free, laser sealed edges

·         Chemical resistant

·         Ultra thin micro denier filament

·         Base weight: about 190 gr/m², Thickness about 350 µm

·         Absorbency > 400 ml/m²

·         Absorbes particels > 0,3µm

·         Washable, re-usable

Packing and sizes:

·         METOCLEAN PL-23:           23 x 23 cm, bag of 20 wipes

·         METOCLEAN PL-30:           30 x 30 cm, bag of 10 wipes

This anti-static cloth is specially optimized for using with fluids and cleaning solutions. The cloth itself is not saturated or impregnated. The anti-static effect is guaranteed through conductive parts of the weave, whose effectiveness remains constant throughout its use. The dirt collection is supported by hundreds of tiny „pockets“ in the microfiber weave. The Panther cloth is excellently suited for the anti-static damp cleaning of sensitive surfaces. Here any generation of new charges is effectively hindered. Ideally it can be used glass cleaner or other alcohol-based cleaning solutions


METOCLEAN IPA-wet wipes                    è to top



IPA wetted clean room wipes to remove attached dirt from DCR rollers, glass surfaces, desk tops etc.

Size 135 x 185 mm, 100 sheets per resealable box


Oneway cleanroom wipers



METOCLEAN NEX909                                è to top


exclusive use of Class1~Class10,000 clean room is the least-lint generating wiper. We used 100% Polyester(75/46 Memory),

woven by long fibers to control lint and you can choose the suitable for your working circumstanced with our side-treatment methods

such as heat cut, supersonic waves and so on. Special weaving and processing presents excellent absorption. Distinguished

chemical-proof, Packed after washing in Class 10 Clean room, Dual package to prevent pollution,

Weight: 160 g/m2

Absorbency:: 432 ml/m2

Airborne particles > 0,3µm/sqft: 10

Packing: 100 wipers 23 x 23 cm per clean room bag



METOCLEAN NEX9093                             è to top



NEX 9093 Series is most popularly used in the clean room circumstances with NEX 909 Series and more economical than 909 Series.

And its' side-processing according to working environments increases the working efficiency

Weight: 120 g/m2

Absorbency: 350 ml/m2

Airborne particles > 0,3µm/sqft: 15

Packing: 100 wipers 23 x 23 cm per clean room bag


METOCLEAN NEX9094                               è to top



Non Woven Wiper is used in a primary cleaning of equipments, accessories, a table, a floor and so on to maintain proper clean-level of

the clean room therefore it needs high quality of absorption, anti-dust and chemical-proof.

NEX9094 is made by fusing progressing Rayon and Polyester and generates little naps during cleaning.

We minimized the ending part by folding twice in the width and length and its 4 folds increases the absorption


Nonwoven wiper 30% Polyester + 70% Rayon

Weight: 43 g/m2

Absorbency: 250 ml/m2

Airborne particles <0,5 µm/sqft: 400

Packing: 100 wipers 23 x 23 cm per clean room bag


Grabber-Sticks                                  è to top

The grabber-stick removes individual particles of dust and dirt from sensitive surfaces without damaging them or leaving any residues on them. It therefore has a tip with high adhesive strength, which is brought into contact with the particles.
This technique is used for removing particles of dirt from camera sensors (respectively their glass covers), mirrors, objectives and oculars, as well as films, slides, the glass from picture frames or other sensitive surfaces.
The tip can be cleaned with cleaning solutions, water or soap solutions without this having any impact on its adhesive strength.


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